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Voice-Over, Dubbing & Sub-Titling

With the globalization and revolution in technology, voice over services horizon has expanded and they are much in demand. Voice overs are used in television, radio, railways, aviations, movies, advertising, e-learning solutions, animations, computer-based training, online trainings and many more areas.


Voice over involves recording audio with the help of professional speakers or voice artists. It may require single or multiple artists depending on the script. Once the audio script is readily available it can be easily recorded in the preferred language through expert voice over artists. Voice over recording is usually done in professional studios. Whatever we hear has an immediate impact on us. You may miss an important announcement at the railway stations or the airports just because of the sound quality. You may like a particular radio show just because the voice is astounding and you are carried away by the speaker's voice. Hence, voice over can have a great impact on our thought process. What is essential is to select a reputed company that provides quality voice over services in different languages. We at LCS® Pvt. Ltd. analyze the demand of our clients and provide them excellent voice over services without compromising the quality of voice.


LCS® offers language dubbing of commercial films, CDs, videos and audio tapes in English as well as in Foreign languages. Regardless of the source language, our native speakers ensure that the audios produced are like original in the target language. Each translation of the original text is adapted accordingly for the specific audio material or for the film.

Foreign Language Dubbing Artists

A casting process is used to find linguistically apt dubbing artists. Our dubbing artists are usually native speakers and are translators, linguists, interpreters, professional speakers, voice artists and/or actors with linguistic backgrounds in film, sound, presentation, public speaking etc.


Communication, no matter how varied it is, it unites people and also brings together people of diverse traditions, cultures and languages. Therefore communications today are produced in multiple languages ensuring that people from diversified backgrounds can understand and use it in a proper manner. People also have varied preferences when it comes to the movies and other multimedia components. We at LCS®, therefore aim at making things simple to understand for the diverse audience through language subtitling services. This language subtitling services help them enjoy the movies, videos and audio clips thereby removing the language barrier.

Our professional team creates subtitles and the emphasis is laid on making them extremely easy to understand. We excel in all major video formats and we offer our subtitling service at a very reasonable price in any language desired. All our video subtitle editors are in-house employees, which means that we offer a fast, efficient and expert service that our competitors simply cannot match.